Anti Slip Mat

Anti slip circular mats are made from a silicone rubber, so offer excellent levels of grip, they will adhere to a surface with no trouble, and can also be removed easily with no residue left behind.

Great for use in kitchens and hospitals, due to them being non toxic, and can also be washed time and time again, in the dishwasher if you so choose to, and they will not perish.

Our anti slip circular mats come in  red



OverviewFeatures & BenefitsTechnical Specs
Tenura anti slip rubber mats are an excellent means of adding a non slip quality to a surface.

• Prevents plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays
• Holds chopping boards in position
• Holds kitchen appliances and mixing bowls in place
• Holds objects firm on surfaces that are not horizontal and / or are subject to motion or tipping

  • Diameter….19.5cm

Price: €11.50