Anti Slip Floor Mat

Tenura anti slip rectangular floor mats are made from a non toxic silicone rubber with excellent anti slip qualities, and have a wide range of uses, whether you need support when standing up or sitting down, moving around the home, or somewhere to hold your tools on when you are working, the mat will do the lot

The mats properties will give you the confidence that you may have not had before.

It is dishwasher safe, so can be washed either this way or by hand, and is available in red.


OverviewFeatures & BenefitsTechnical Specs
Tenura anti slip rectangular floor mats help you to stand up or sit down.

• Standing and sitting
• Wheelchair users
• Moving on and off beds
• Beneath rugs on smooth and slippery surfaces
• Due to it being non toxic, it can be used as a play mat for children

  • Size: ……45.5cm x 60.5cm

Price: €120.00