Pull-Up Extra Pants

Our standard pull-up offers you discreet protection for severe urinary and faecal incontinence. Worn like normal underwear, our products can be easily pulled on and off, enabling you to continue with your active life.


Features & BenefitsTechnical Spec
  • Easy to fit and wear – just like normal underwear
  • Tear-open sides help you to change used products quickly and easily
  • Soft inner cuffs provide extra leakage protection
  • The breathable backing is kind to skin and comfortable to wear
  • Coloured stripe to indicate the front of the brief
  • 14 per pack
  • Absorbancy…3/5
  • Xlarge…110-170cm
  • Large…90-135cm
  • Medium…70-110cm
  • Small…50-85cm


Price: €25.00