Super Plus Pants

We recommend the super Plus for very severe bladder and bowel leakage with heavy gushes of urine. This range of highly absorbent containment products has an extra wide absorbent core and a fully waterproof backing which wraps round your hips and waist snugly for peace of mind.


Features & BenefitsTechnical Spec
  • All-in-one briefs with fixation tabs
  • Offer very high absorbency and premium leakage protection features
  • Full waterproof backing for maximum security
  • Soft inner cuffs provide extra leakage protection
  • The wetness indicator on the waterproof backing tells you at a glance when the product should be changed
  • 14 per pack
  • Large…100-150cm (absorbency 2600ml)
  • Medium…70-120cm (absorbency 2290ml)
  • Small…50-80cm (absorbency 1350ml)


Price: €33.00