Mens Wide Bootie Slippers

Our bootee slippers give more ankle support than a low cut slipper. They have rubber soles and are suitable to be worn indoors or outside and they are machine washable.

Features and benefitsTechnical Spec
  • Gives firm, secure fitting
  • Fabric stretches gently to accommodate extra swelling
  • Rubber sole which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and has a warm, washable upper.
  • Secure touch-fastening can be adjusted to fit each foot individually
  • Machine washable at 40°
  • Strap extensions available for very swollen feet
  • Extra Roomy HH+ fitting
  • Machine washable at 40°
  • Available in sizes 6 to 13
  • No half sizes available
  • Colours: brown and charcoal


Price: €59.00