Knee Pillow

If hip problems, lower back and leg pains keep you awake at night, our Knee Pillow could help you to a better nights sleep. The most common sleeping position is on your side, the Knee Pillow gives soft gentle cushioning to your knees all night long. Keeping your knees apart allows your legs to stay naturally aligned with your pelvis. Simply attach the Knee Pillow to either leg with the adjustable strap using the velcro fastenings

OverviewFeatures & BenefitsTechnical Specs
The knee pillow cushions your knees and keeps your legs aligned with your pelvis.
  • Keeps your legs naturally aligned with your pelvis
  • Cushions your knees at night
  • Includes Stockinette cover as standard
  • Size….34cm x 33cm x 9.5cm

Price: €39.00